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New releases for 2012

JOHN BUTCHER tenor & soprano saxophones
MARK SANDERS percussion
1 - ROPELIGHT - 30:07
2 - FLICKER - 5:57
3 - GLOWSTICK - 18:45
Digital concert recordings
1 London (Conway Hall) [Freedom of the City Festival] – 2010 May 3 - by Sebastian Lexer & Rick Campion
2 & 3 Southampton (Turner Sims) – 2011 February 28 - by Simon Reynell
Total time 55:05

Paul Dunmall - tenor and soprano saxophone
Hasse Poulsen - guitar
Mark Sanders – drums
Kilogram records


1. The Denied (5:12)
2. Courtesy Class (9:01)
3. Stub (8:58)
4. Happy New Year (6:48)
5. Forecast (14:49)
6. Candidates (7:23)

TIM HILL: alto and baritone sasophones
ALEX WARD: electric guitar
DOMINIC LASH: double bass

All compositions by Alex Ward (PRS)
Recorded September 22nd, 2010 by Ash Gardner at House Of Strange Studios.


Mark has appeared on over 75 CDs

Selected discography:

Mark Sanders With Title Label
Hasse Poulsen    
Luc Ex    
Sidsel Endresen    
ZFP Quartet                                Music for Strings Electronics and Percussion Bruces Fingers  
Carlos Zingaro                               
Simon Fell                                      
Marcio Mattos    
ZFP Quartet                               Ulrichsberg Munchen Music Bruces Fingers
Bruise         Bruise with Derek Bailey Bruces Fingers
Ashley Wales                                 
Tony Bevan    
Orphy Robinson    
John Edwards    
plus Derek Bailey    
Bruise   We Packed are Bags Foghorn
Steve Beresford  Fish of the week Scatter
Steve Beresford  Cue sheets Tzadik
duet with Martin Speake                               Spark Pumpkin
Gary Curzon The Number Slam
Keith Tippett    
John Edwards    
Thomas Borgmann Orchestra Kith n kin Cadence
Mark Sanders solo Swallow chase Treader
Springheel Jack John Tchacai with Strings Treader
John Tchacai     
Evan Parker Trio with Interludes Treader
John Coxon    
Springheel Jack with The Sweetness of the Water Thirsty Ear
Leo Smith                                          
Evan Parker    
John Edwards    
Evan Parker The Two Seasons Emanem
John Edwards    
Evan Parker London Airlift FMP
John Russell    
John Edwards    
Evan Parker The Ayes haveit Emanem
Paul Rogers    
Walter Wierbos    
Evan Parker Free Zone Appleby  PSI
Noel Akchote Somewhere bi-lingual Siesta
Evan Parker    
Paul Rogers    
Veryan Weston Mercury concert Emanem
John Edwards    
Veryan Weston Gateway to Vienna Emanem
John Edwards    
duet with John Edwards Nisus duets Emanem
Tony Wren Four in the afternoon Emanem
Larry Stabbins    
Howard Riley    
Paul Dunmall Deep Whole FMR
Paul Rogers    
Paul Dunmall East West North South FMR
John Adams    
Paul Dunmall Ghostly thoughts Hat Art
John Adams    
Paul Dunmall Totally Fried Up FMR
John Adams    
Lunge w Braced + Framed ACTA
Gail Brand    
Pat Thomas    
Phil Durrant    
Lunge w Strong Language Emanem
Gail Brand    
Pat Thomas    
Phil Durrant    
duet with Oren Marshall  All Angels Concert Emanem
Elton Dean  Elton Dean`s Newsense Slam
Roswell Rudd    
Paul Rutherford    
Annie Whitehead     
Elton Dean Descending Circles Slam
Roswell Rudd    
Alex Maguire    
Marcio Mattos    
Elton Dean All The tradition Slam
Howard Riley    
Paul Rogers    
Elton Dean Into the Nierika Blueprint
Robert Bellatalla    
Ronald Ramanan  Shaken Emanem
Simon Fell    
Marcio Mattos    
Frode Gjerstad Welsh Chapel  Cadence
John Edwards    
Georg Graewe Concert in Berlin Wobbly Rail
Mats Gustaffson    
Sebi Tramontana    
Marcio Mattos    
Jah Wobble and deep space                            Beach Fervour Spare  30 Hertz
Jah Wobble and deep space                            Five Beat 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble and deep space                            Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble and  The Invaders of the Heart               Molam Dub 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble and the English Roots band                             Jah Wobble and the English Roots band 30 Hertz
The Delta 5                             The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Chrysalis
David Sylvian                           Everything and Nothing Virgin
Nato Records Orchestra  Buenaventura Durriti Nato Records
John Wall                               Constructions V-VII Utterpsalm
John Wall                               Hylic  Utterpsalm


Mark Sanders